Crohns Disease Symptoms

Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America reports that the chronic disease known as Crohns disease impacts an estimated 700,000 Americans with a per person price tag of an estimated $18,932 annually. (Source 1) What causes the symptoms experienced is inflammation of the GI tract, triggered by the immune system attacking good bacteria that is intended to aid in the digestive process. Symptoms of the disease coincide with the specific type of Crohn’s disease experienced. Ileocolitis is the most prevalent and manifests in both the large and small intestine. The Gastroduodenal Crohn’s version of the disease causes problems in the stomach and the top of the small intestine. Granulomatous colitis is a type of Crohn’s disease that occurs in the colon.

Common symptoms include the following:

– Rectal bleeding
– Abdominal pain and cramps
– Constipation
– Urgent need to evacuate bowels
– Bouts of diarrhea
(Source 2)

Other symptoms that are associated with Crohns disease symptoms that occur are night sweats, fatigue, and a fever. A loss of appetite often contributes to weight loss in some cases. Some women have been known to experience interrupted menstrual cycles.

Lesser Known Symptoms Attributable to Crohns Disease