Symptoms Of OCD

Having OCD symptoms can be frightening, but being able to identify the problem is the first step in taking control of your life again. As frustrated as you may feel, there is help available.

As inferred by the name, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, the condition involves acts of compulsion or even seemingly unreasonable rituals. OCD can present in many ways that are classified as themes. For instance, a person may have an obsession with numbers. Lucky numbers and unlucky numbers play a very large part in their daily life.

Picking a number, a person will then surround themselves with items totaling that number, or preform activities, such as locking the door, exactly this number of times. Very often, they feel that if they do not execute this task perfectly, something bad will happen. In more extreme cases, the person will count items like the number of peas on their plate and will not eat them if they do not add up to their number of choice or some derivative of it.