Tick Bite Symptoms

Most non-disease related tick bite symptoms are treatable using basic first aid supplies. Remove the tick as soon as you notice it using tweezers, or remove the tick manually if tweezers aren’t available. Make sure the tick’s head is attached after removing it, and wash the bite with soapy water before applying antibiotic ointment or alcohol to the bite. Use an anti-itch cream to relieve minor itching.

If signs of infection or tickborne disease appear after a bite, consult a medical professional for evaluation. Tests are available to determine the bacteria causing the symptoms, and medications are available to treat most tickborne diseases. Tick bites are also preventable.

To prevent buts, use tick repellent that contains DEET when you are outside, and wear a long sleeved shirt, pants and boots while walking through tall grass or wooded areas. At home, treat lawns and gardens with a pesticide that is approved for outdoor residential use to eliminate the risk of bites.