Tooth Infection Symptoms

An infection of the teeth, otherwise known as an abscess, is quite possibly one of the most painful experiences that you can have. There are a few different causes to a tooth infection. It’s simply a pocket of pus that has developed underneath the tooth. The pus doesn’t have a way to escape, so it continues to build around the roots of the tooth. The infection can spread to other areas of the body via the blood stream if it’s left untreated. In severe cases, the infection could spread to the brain. has a list of offices that can look at the infected tooth to determine the best course of action, such as removing the tooth or treating with an antibiotic.

Most infections occur because of a cavity that is left untreated. The hole in the tooth from the cavity allows bacteria to enter the area underneath the tooth. This is a prime location for the infection to develop, and you probably won’t know that it is severe until you feel pain in the mouth. Sometimes, an injury could result in an infection. This often happens if part of the tooth is broken off, exposing just enough of the gum area to let bacteria enter.

What Are The Symptoms?

Tooth infection symptoms range in severity. You might not notice anything at all until a piece of the tooth breaks off or there is pain in the jaw, which means that the infection is beginning to spread through the bone in the mouth.